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Rumor: Game requirements for a “PS5 Pro Enhanced” rating.

Rumor: Game requirements for a “PS5 Pro Enhanced” rating.

At this point, it seems certain that the PS5 Pro is here and that Sony should announce it soon. Not only this, many specifications have also been leaked. Now the website Indoor games Share our curiosity: What does a game have to offer on PS5 Pro to earn a “PS5 Pro Enhanced” rating?

The “Enhanced” tag was first introduced to the PlayStation ecosystem following the launch of the PS4 Pro, meaning that the game uses the Pro console's optimized hardware to deliver improved frame rates and resolution. For the PS5 Pro, PlayStation wants games to offer a PS5 Pro-exclusive graphics mode that combines:

  • PSSR to increase the resolution to 4K
  • Fixed 60 fps
  • Add or enhance ray tracing effects

According to documents sent to Insider Gaming, this is possible due to the faster RAM (28% faster) and faster GPU that is 67% larger than the standard console (45% faster).

PlayStation goes on to point out that games can also earn the “PS5 Pro Enhanced” tag if they offer any of the following improvements:

  • Increased target resolution for titles that run at a fixed resolution on the standard console;
  • Increased the maximum target resolution for titles running at variable resolution on the standard console;
  • Increased frame rate for titles targeting a fixed frame rate on the standard console;
  • Include ray tracing effects on PS5 Pro.

The PS5 Pro doesn't have a release date yet. There are indications that it will be launched at the end of 2024, but officially, as the console has not yet been revealed, it is not possible to know when it will arrive.


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