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Ronnie from Palmeiras suffers from a broken arm and will undergo surgery  Palm trees

Ronnie from Palmeiras suffers from a broken arm and will undergo surgery Palm trees

Striker Rooney Palm treesHe suffered a fracture in his right forearm and will need surgery in the coming days.

The player was injured at the start of the match against America MG, at Allianz Park, on Wednesday. According to the club, Rooney underwent tests in the early hours of the morning, which confirmed his injury.

After a strong foul by goalkeeper Jori on Rooney, the Palmeiras striker was eliminated in the 9th minute of the match

The fracture is in the same place where the striker suffered a similar injury in the Paulistao final. At the time, he had been away for about a month.

Palmeiras x America MG, Rooney is injured – Photo: Marcos Riboli

The problem this time was due to a collision with Gouri, América-MG’s goalkeeper, when he came face to face with the striker and was injured in the area. He was still trying to stay on the field, but fell down in discomfort and made way for Artur.

Referee Wilton Pereira Sampaio recognized that the shot was a normal collision and nothing had been scored, but the VAR team analyzed whether it should recommend sending off the goalkeeper. The decision was to allow the match to continue.

Rooney was named as a starter due to the absence of Gustavo Gomez and Mikey, forcing Abel Ferreira to change the defence. Instead of improvising to continue with three defenders, the coach preferred to rely on three attackers again.

Rooney, from Palmeiras, was injured after a clash with Juri, from América-MG – Photo: Marcos Riboli

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