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Loffredo criticizes the extras in Curitiba 1 x 1 Botafogo: “The ball shouldn’t have even come out”

Loffredo criticizes the extras in Curitiba 1 x 1 Botafogo: “The ball shouldn’t have even come out”

Hey Botafogo He had a penalty kick to his credit at 49:50 of the match that ended at 50. He converted it with Tequinho Soares. But referee Rodrigo Jose Pereira de Lima (PE) decided to extend the match and Curitiba The two teams tied 1-1 on Wednesday at Coto Pereira Stadium Brazilian Championship. To the commentator Andre LoffredoOn SporTV News, the match was supposed to end early.

– Everyone makes mistakes in Botafogo’s defense, on the right no one follows Edu. There was a lack of “game over” focus. There is no more to celebrate, we can celebrate for ten minutes and 15 minutes. That ball shouldn’t even come out. I don’t want to add (heap), the botaphuggians, encouraged by John Textor, have created many conspiracy theories. But the game must end when the ball is out, according to the rule, the ball does not even have to be out. It’s a refereeing error. And then Botafogo saw that the game was not over yet, and that was it – Loffredo summed it up.

Commentator Luiz Teixeira believes Botafogo also lacked the ability to hold on to the result.

– Botafogo has been vaccinated. I know it’s very easy to talk after the tragedy, the shock, but he scored a penalty in the last minute, eight goals behind the ball line, he came back, we hit that key in the Brazil match against Croatia and in the Botafogo match with Santos. The team that was trained and wearing the uniform amidst all this suffering cannot allow this to happen again as it was. The way everything is designed, against an opponent who does not want more in the tournament, and has not been subjected to any pressure from the fans. The coach does not intervene much in the final half, the decision-making depends largely on the players. Look at the gap Hugo allowed, a cross that passed between two, Perry hesitated. “Everything happens with Botafogo, but they trained to solve the problem, and the event again makes it clear that they have lost focus and part of their soul,” Luiz Teixeira said.

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