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Roça vote for MC Gui, Rico and Tati;  Who stays?  TV news

Roça vote for MC Gui, Rico and Tati; Who stays? TV news

MC Gui, Rico Melquiades And Tati Quebra Barraco are the three menaced in Section VI Farm 2021. influencer Stefan Matos, who won the farmer’s test this Wednesday (27), has escaped the spotlight. Who is on record reality? Participate in the survey at the end of this text.

Rico was prevented from participating in the activity by the leadership because he had vetoed the previous night. The three who faced each other in the dynamic had to use a slingshot to throw the ball and hit the sponsor’s merits on a board.

The trio took time to set the target, which made the game tiring. To win, it was necessary to complete a digital card with five products. After more than 40 minutes, Sthe won the farmer’s taste.

Who is leaving The Farm 2021?

After the audition, the three menaced gave speeches to the audience. “In addition to the fruits that this program can bring me, I came here with the goal of fighting the abolition and distribution of hate. I came to show that I am a person who makes mistakes, but I have a lot of success. I want to stay here” MC Gui.

“Good night, Brazil. I’ve given myself 100% here, I live intensely and that’s who I am. I’ve come to show that I’m not perfect, but I’m counting on you to stay here. Leave me here. I know I’m going to other fields and I’m counting on you again.” Let me stay, Brazil,” said Rico.

“I entered here with three goals: to stay, to stay, and to leave. It depends on you to stay or leave. I will generally call you, I will not make a speech because you see the reality here”, summing up My Father.

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How was the garden formed?

the four Threatened from the countryside identified on Tuesday (26). MC Gui was a farmer’s target back then Bill Araujo, while Brico ended up as the most vocal in the house. Ex-holiday with ex-Tati Quebra Barraco pulled out of the bay; Sthe remained in the dynamics of the rest, but He survived the crowd by winning the test.

Who lives on the sixth farm? Take part in the survey below. The result of voting on the A Fazenda 13 poll has no scientific value or impact on the official website of Record.