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Visit Orlando resumes in-person meetings with Brazilian trade and announces news

Visit Orlando resumes in-person meetings with Brazilian trade and announces news

Patrick Ivars, Director, and Leo Salazar, visit Orlando PR

Visit Orlando has reintroduced itself after two years of layoffs and virtual meetings due to the pandemic for Brazilians, with many disparate news and attractions in the global capital of theme parks, entertainment, entertainment and gastronomy. The visit was received on Tuesday (the fifth), over breakfast at the Renaissance Hotel, in São Paulo, tour operators, travel agents, businessmen and partners, excited about the resumption of the meeting and personal reunion with the Promotion Authority. Orlando and the new experiences offered by the destination.

“I have always followed the philosophy of looking at a glass of water half full in a positive way, to reinvent and recover. That is what we do and we have the opportunity to show it. As always, and now more than that, we still have a lot to offer to tourists, a lot of markets to recover and anticipate reaching our goal. Most optimistically, it is to overcome pre-pandemic movement rates (2019) to 2024,” said Patrick Evers, Director of Orlando Visit Latin America.

The executive noted that Orlando is one of the preferred destinations for Brazilians and the fourth largest source of tourists in the world, surpassed only by the United Kingdom, Canada and Mexico (both preferred by their proximity) and quarrels with Colombia over the location of the important emitter.


Elmer Richardson, Commercial Consul; Eileen Blazes from Visit Orlando and Josara Haad from US Trade Service

“The affinity of Brazilians with Orlando is such that, since last November, we have noticed their presence in the streets, restaurants and parks, where we have heard the Portuguese language. This is very positive and reassuring for us,” said Leo Salazar, public relations visiting Orlando.

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In his brief presentation to the guests, Salazar emphasized that the period of the epidemic was very productive for the destination. Orlando did not stop. “It has built or remodeled hotels, created new attractions and rides in theme parks, and in short, it has prepared and continues to renew itself to welcome our best customers,” Salazar said.

Among other details, PR highlighted the city’s accommodation facilities: about 490 hotels and more than 50,000 vacation homes. Also more than 25 top stories related to entertainment, leisure, cultural and fun attractions, including the large number of restaurants that will now integrate the Michelin Guide, making Orlando a premier gastronomic destination.

For travel agents, Patrik Yvars has provided the ultimate online training platform with on-demand videos. The “Love & Learn Orlando” program will allow the agent to know the destination in detail and maximize content with the best experiences for selling the product.


Luiz Teixeira, by Jules, Jane Terra, and Orlando Magic

Jane Terra, of Orlando Magic, was very happy to resume direct contact with Visit Orlando and the news it has provided, especially for the operators and travel agents negotiating with the end audience.

Terra explained that Orlando and the NBA basketball team are very valuable attractions to the Brazilian public. “We train the agents who sell these programs so dear to the Brazilian public, and every year, they are more sought after,” he noted.

The operator offers packages to watch live basketball with the Orlando Magic starting at $19.00 for groups of at least 10 people, including photos on the court, free throws, and other exclusive opportunities.

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