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As Five: A Malhação-derived series premiering on Open TV

As Five: A Malhação-derived series premiering on Open TV


After the huge success on Globoplay, As Five, a continuation of the series Malhação: Viva a Diferença, which aired in 2017, has appeared on TV Globo with two weekly episodes.

Debut on TV Globo "like five" With two weekly episodes - Photo: clone


TV Globo premieres “As Five” with two weekly episodes – Photo: clone

like fiveBroadcasting started yesterday (26), for the first time Globo TV, after the great success of globoplay. The series created by Cao Hamburguer brings the heroes of “Fitness: live the differenceKayla (Gabriela Medvedovsky), Tina (Anna Hicari), Benny (Daphne Bozsky), Lika (Manuela Aliberti) and Elaine (Heslin Vieira), grapple with the struggles of puberty.

The story began in 2020 on Globoplay, and takes place six years after the events of the season work out, which appears in 2017. Now, in adulthood, all the characters have struggles of different natures, although they are common to a generation that does not believe in economics, politics and love life. They finally got back together and tried to regain the connection they had.

While Tina has just lost her mother, Lica gets a reality check when she is no longer supported by her family. Binet, in turn, suffers from the end of his relationship with Goto (Bruno Gadiol) and begins to live with a lonely boy addicted to the Internet. On the other hand, Kela works alone in different jobs to be able to support her son, while Elaine starts a successful career in the United States, but does not feel happy and satisfied.

How and where do you watch?

like fiveIt starts on Globo network, from October 26, every Tuesday and Thursday, immediately after the re-showSecret factsAccording to writer Patricia Cogot, of O Globo newspaper, the second season of the series will be recorded in April, and will be launched at the end of 2022 on the streaming platform. Then the third part will be produced. Meanwhile, the first season is fully available. globoplay.

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