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Solange criticized Bell's stance on the lantern

Solange criticized Bell’s stance on the lantern

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10/27/2021 13h56update in 10/27/2021 13h56

Solange Gomez criticized the attitude Gui Araujo for not liking the power of the lamp During sweded formation vifarm 13 inches (RecordTV).

During a conversation in the outdoor area with Valentina Francavilla, Gogo’s former bathtub mentioned that the ex-boyfriend of Anita must leave reality.

“Wow, Gui Araujo went crazy when Stefane was gone [para roça]. “This power here that is of no use to anything,” said he, did you see him speak? “Seol remembers.” I have seen him. That was very ugly,” Valentina said.

he is “That ugly necklace that I wore around my neck didn’t work,” she says. I don’t know why he doesn’t ring the bell and walk away. He doesn’t like anything here, he doesn’t like trophies, he complains about everything. He can leave soon

Solange Gomez was fired.

Valentina laughed at her friend’s statement and the duo continued to talk and speculate about who would win the farmer’s hat in tonight’s test – Sthe Matos, Tati Quebra Barraco and MC Gui . compete -.

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