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Research reveals what upsets Generation Z most

Research reveals what upsets Generation Z most

The investigation he conducted Instagram In five countries (USA, UK, Brazil, India, and South Korea) it provided valuable insights into Gen Z’s most pressing concerns and desires.

The main annoyances of Generation Z

Research conducted by Instagram shows the interests and goals of Generation Z for 2024 – Photo: Anna Shvets/Pexels/Reproduction

The survey highlights the five main annoyances expressed by the young people interviewed, the first being people who chew without closing their mouths.

Soon, what bothered this new generation was their terrible sense of humor and not understanding existing memes or even liking memes that are not very good.

Lack of hygiene also plays a role, as they are easily bothered by dirty nails. Another great thing is to use the baby’s voice, something many do in cute situations.

Finally, something that probably bothers us all is the fact of following exes on Instagram.

About your relationships

Surprisingly, 63% of participants said they were single. In 2024, the achievement will not be to find a friend, but to strive to care for and nurture him relations that already exist.

When it comes to flirting on Instagram, the most common strategies are liking a person’s story, posting photos, or adding them to your best friends.

Gen Z personal goals for 2024

When asked about their goals and how they want to be in 2024, many answers were given, but some stood out.

Some said they intended to improve themselves and focus on themselves Self development. Being lucky was also one of the answers that came up the most.

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Finally, Generation Z aims to be more authentic without having to apologize in 2024.

There is a strong belief in the idea of ​​entrepreneurship, and almost half believe that starting your own business or being self-employed is the best path to wealth.

Priorities for next year

The three priorities highlighted by interviewees were:

  1. Stay healthy through regular exercise and proper nutrition
  2. Explore a professional career
  3. Travel

This research shows aspirations and interests Generation Zdefines not only their vision of the future, but also the way they interact, flirt, and seek personal and professional growth through social media and their own journeys.