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Republicans have drawn up plans to manipulate the US election

Republican politicians and their supporters in the United States will not cover up the tactics of manipulating the 2024 presidential election to return to power. They already read general knowledge – or, more accurately, newspapers and other publications, because liberal newspapers are responsible for disseminating them.


The conspiracy will begin in the November election this year. Thirty-four seats in the Senate, 435 seats in the House of Representatives, 36 state governorships, 30 state attorney generals, 27 state secretaries, state lawmakers and other executive positions are at risk.

The list includes elections for federal representatives, state secretaries and state parliamentarians. Everyone has a role to play in the plot. Secretaries of state manage elections in their respective states and, with the participation of election councils, in some cases certify the victory of the presidential candidate with a majority of votes. They send the election results to the National Congress.

The election maneuver starts there. In Michigan, for example, Republicans have replaced advisers who certify Joe Biden’s victory in the 2020 election, appointing more “confident” advisers, even if they are Republicans — that is, not certifying the Democratic nominee’s victory. Occurs. According to the NPR (National Public Radio), the goal of the tactic is to provoke confusion.

On the other hand, 23 politicians loyal to former President Donald Trump, supporters of the “big lie” – claiming that the 2020 election was rigged and, therefore, stolen from Trump – have already applied for the post of Secretary of State. Respective states, step Washington Post. They can block the Democratic candidate’s certificate of victory.

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The state does not automatically elect representatives (or “voters”) to the electoral college that elects the president – in this case, democratic representatives. Instead, it would shift responsibility to the state legislature.

With a Republican majority, if it wins the November election this year, the legislature can declare the presidential election fraudulent and send a list of Republican election representatives to Congress – the “list of imposters.” Liberal press ..

One principle adopted by Republicans is that the legislature has the “power” to appoint new voters if it does not have the certificate of the winning candidate in the state. The theory was developed by lawyer John Eastman, who guided Trump in an attempt to turn the 2020 election upside down.

The lawyer argues that a sufficient number of votes could be invalidated in emails sent to Republican-controlled state legislatures – and in emails received by a delegation investigating the invasion of Congress on January 6, 2021. By mail (mostly by Democratic voters), to raise doubts about the certification of a successful candidate by popular vote.

In this case, the certificate (if any) may be declared “null and void”. With this “coverage”, the legislature will have full power to choose the “presidential electorate”, even if it means “ignoring the will of the electorate.”

This includes the importance of the Republican Party regaining a majority in the House of Representatives. Lists of delegates sent by the states, properly certified and “cheats”, will vote on whether delegates and senators will approve each list.

In this case, the Republican Party does not even need to have a majority in the Senate. It is enough for the Republican federal representatives to prevent the Democratic candidate from having 270 election college representatives.

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In the absence of a minimum number of votes required for a candidate to be elected President, it is the responsibility of the House of Representatives to elect the next President. With a majority in the House of Representatives, the Republican candidate will be openly elected.

The possibility of the GOP regaining a majority in the Assembly is apparent at this point. President Biden’s reputation has been tarnished by inflation, a shortage of goods in the markets due to logistics problems, a significant increase in petrol prices and a slump in the economy. This could affect the candidatures of democratic politicians.

In addition, Republicans have succeeded in enacting laws restricting the right to vote in 19 states – which, in principle, will affect Democrats. In a maneuver known as “Jerrymondering” he was able to draw district maps that were theoretically pro-Republican.

The name “Jerrymonder” came in 1812, when Elbridge Jerry, Governor of Massachusetts approved a map of the state of Jerry (in favor of the Republicans), which at the time looked like a salamander.

The maneuver involves dividing a large, especially democratic constituency into two or three districts. Now add each of the reduced Democratic districts to the larger Republican districts, thus guaranteeing Republican congressional elections in each new district.

Another kind Jerrymondering In preparing the district map, two or three districts of a party should be merged into one district. Thus, the opposing party will select one partner, but the party that created the map will select two or three.

Such a maneuver is not just for Republicans. States with a Democratic Congress majority in the Lok Sabha and the Democratic governor use the same facility. Thus, both parties are fighting in the courts in the first months of the year to cancel each other’s election maps – in some cases successfully, in others not.

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