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France announces post-fishing Brexit retaliation;  Considers UK actions 'unequal' |  The world

France announces post-fishing Brexit retaliation; Considers UK actions ‘unequal’ | The world

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After a cabinet meeting on Wednesday, the French government decided that if no progress was made in early November, several measures would be taken.

The French government wants to ban the landing of British seafood in France and establish “proper customs and health restrictions on British products”.

Remember the Brexit rules that came into force in early 2021 in the video below

Post-Brexit in Britain: Rules effective January 1

French government spokesman Gabriel Attell noted the step-by-step response, with measures to “supply electricity to the Anglo-Norman Islands” and possible “second-tier operations”.

The British government later called the French retaliation “disappointing” and “disproportionate”.

Business fight after Brexit

The countdown clock for Brexit arrives at the British Prime Minister’s official residence on 10 Downing Street in London on Friday (31) at 00:00 – Photo: Reuters / Toby Melville

The announcement comes amid tensions between the two countries over the number of licenses issued to French fishermen after Brexit in the Anglo-Norman Islands. Despite involving a small number of actors, the fishing issue was one of the post-Brexit frictions between France and England.

“France’s threats are disappointing and disproportionate and do not match what one would expect from a close ally and partner,” British government spokesman Brexit Foreign Secretary David Frost was quoted as saying in a tweet.

Frost denounced the “lack of official communication from the French government in this regard.”

In response to possible French actions, a spokesman for British Prime Minister Boris Johnson previously indicated that there was “no formal contact” with the French government on the matter.

“It is important to highlight that 98% of fishing licenses have been issued,” the Prime Minister added.

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