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Rachel Scheherazade appears for the first time after eviction

Rachel Scheherazade appears for the first time after eviction

Rachel Scheherazade, journalist

Photo: @Instagram

The first appearance of journalist Rachel Scheherazade (50 years old) after her passing Farm 15. In a video she posted on Thursday evening, the 19th, she reassured her fans and thanked her for the support she is receiving.

“Hello fans, friends, dear people. I’m recording this quick video to say I’m fine, I’m leaving Farm 15 This morning, I’m home, my kids are holding me, and my dear mother, I’m at peace, I’m fine,” Rachel Scheherazade began, in a video she shared on Instagram.

Then she thanked him and continued her thanks and said that she would not talk about the expulsion at the moment.

“Soon I will talk about the reasons for my leaving the program, at the moment, for contractual reasons I cannot talk. I want to leave you comfortable. The reason for this video is to thank you, thank you for your sympathy,” he added: “Your defense, your solidarity, your kind words, for the support, for the love that You dedicate it to me. Without you I would be nothing. We will talk again very soon.”

Why did Rachel Scheherazade and Jenny Miranda fight?

Rachel and Jenny started fighting about dividing up tasks. The journalist refused to do the task assigned to her as the farmer of the week, saying that she was tired after being in charge of the garbage last week. Since Jenny didn’t do the job, the entire production team and cast were punished for 48 hours without gas.

Rachel then went to the workshop to do her task. Jenny followed her into the place and the two started talking. At that moment, the journalist broke the rules and attacked the farmer, which led to her expulsion.

At some point during the discussion, the PlayPlus cameras were cut off. At home, Radamès and Cesar Black commented that Jenny had marks on her face.

“(Jenny) went to put ice on her face, saying Rachel hit her,” the former BBB said. In a conversation with Lucas Souza, the journalist said she put her hand over the farmer’s mouth to make her move away: “I said I didn’t want to stay here if my physical safety was in danger.”

Why was Rachel Scheherazade kicked out? Farm 15?

According to page 26 of the Survival Guide, situations that could jeopardize the physical safety of others, whether part of the cast or production team of the show, are prohibited.

An excerpt from the management’s letter read: “Due to action taken against farmer Jenny, participant Rachel has been eliminated from the game. The scene that prompted the program management to make this decision will be shown to the audience on today’s program.”

Source: Redacao Terra

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