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Puskas Valley?  Sao Bento is in a campaign to score a goal against Corinthians.  Watch the video |  Sao Bento

Puskas Valley? Sao Bento is in a campaign to score a goal against Corinthians. Watch the video | Sao Bento

Scoring a great goal is an opportunity to win the famous Puskas Prize and enter a selected fair. The author of a beautiful and rare goal against Corinthians full-back Gabriel from Sao Bento, He wants the artwork to be crowned with the prize at the FIFA Best Gala.

The target has items that could put you on the list. Gabriel grabbed the ball in the field of defense and started towards goal, passing by five Corinthians keepers before hitting his left leg – which is not good – with no chances for goalkeeper Cassio. (See the video below).

It’s worth the investment in the campaign. It has been a dream since I was a boy, I am so happy, I must thank God for my training. You can invest, raise this hashtag and be able to take my name, which is important for everyone to see – said side.

Gabriel, from Sao Bento, honors his father after a goal against Corinthians

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+ Video: Gabriel cries as he remembers his father, who died after a great goal against Corinthians
+ The original striker, Gabriel turns into a right-back and versatile option in Sao Bento In addition to the remarkable goal, Gabriel drew attention in his emotional interval match. The goal was for Father Altair, who passed away a year ago, and dreamed of seeing his son play in Neo Química Arena, the stadium of his heart’s team. (See the video above).

Gabriel, 26, plays as a right back, but worked until last season as a striker. The speed and skill of the scored target demonstrates the player’s knowledge of the sector.

Gabriel was the highlight of Sao Bento in the draw against Corinthians – Photo: Neto Bonvino / EC Sao Bento

Premio Puskas 2019/2020

Korean Heung-Min Son, from Tottenham, Won the Puskas Prize 2019/20 On the goal he scored against Burnley in the Premier League last season. On that occasion, on December 7, 2019, he took off from the defense field quickly, bypassing the signs and touching the goalkeeper’s exit.

Son beat Uruguayan Luis Suarez, the Atletico Madrid player, who drew heels on Mallorca while still defending Barcelona, ​​and Georgian de Arasquita, of Flamengo, who scored on a bicycle against Ciara in the Brazilian championship.