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Procon-SP notifies Renner and requests clarification about the cyber attack

On Friday (20), the Consumer Protection and Defense Program – Procon-SP – requested from Lojas Renner, by notice, clarifications regarding The company has been attacked by a cyber attack last Thursday (19). The retailer has confirmed that it has been affected by the ransomware attack.

Information on the databases accessed, the level of exposure, the period of outage of the company’s website, and whether there was a leak Personal Data From customers some requirements of the entity. The agency also requested details regarding the protection and recovery plan implemented so far, as well as the expected date for the final resolution of the problem.

In addition, it is part of the request to provide details regarding the channels of service available to consumers as it occurs; sending letters to clarify the facts; The encryption process used to manage the data; The presence of a data officer in the organization – as stipulated in LGPD.

“Procon-SP also wants the company to prove the means of the consumer audience’s access to the website targeted by the cyber-attack, inform the data necessary to perform registration and transactions and whether the connection is subject to the use of a personal login and password and is not transferable,” adds the agency — which stipulated Wednesday ( 25) Deadline for delivery.

Network systems became unstable due to the attack.Source: Renner / Reproduction

Repercussions of the case

In an interview with conditionMarco DeMello, president of PSafe, said the incident caused panic, and the CEO said he had received calls from businessmen who feared they would become Next Victims. “But I ask: Why the panic now? The plug must have fallen off a long time ago,” he pleads.

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Marcelo Pimentel, CEO of Marisa, lives from Infomoney Also on Friday, he dedicated all his support to the competitor. “I want to express here all my disgust with what happened with Renner and say that this is not their weakness, it is a problem for criminals. All companies are at risk.”

according to Minas State NewspaperLojas Renner announced, in a note last night, that he was not aware of any official notification from Procon-SP directed at him until then.