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Prince William strolls through central London days before the coronation of Charles III – DNOTICIAS.PT

Prince William strolls through central London days before the coronation of Charles III – DNOTICIAS.PT

Prince William poured himself a pint of beer and rode on the tube with his wife Kate during a royal parade through central London ahead of King Charles III’s coronation.

Just two days before the coronation ceremony in Westminster Abbey, on Saturday, William and Kate spoke with royal fans, tourists and Londoners in Soho, an entertainment district in the UK capital.

The couple made their first trip on the Elizabeth Line, named after Queen Elizabeth II and their last on London’s bustling rail network.

William and Kate stopped at the historic “Dog and Duck” pub, where William went behind the bar and helped himself to a pint of Kingmaker, a pale ale brewed to celebrate the coronation.

Hundreds of real fans – some from China, Canada and the United States – lined the streets of Soho, waiting to see the couple, for a handshake or a short conversation.

Kate told supporters her eldest son, Prince George, was excited about the coronation.

The 9-year-old, who is second in line to the throne after his father, will wear Charles’s robes as one of the monarch’s four Pages of Honor on Saturday.

George and his younger siblings, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis, attended a rehearsal for the ceremony along with other members of the royal family on Wednesday.

Today’s royal visit comes as London prepares for the United Kingdom’s first coronation since Elizabeth II’s coronation 70 years ago.

Union flag banners and wreath decorations appeared across the capital, while Big Ben was lit up in shades of red as part of evening dress rehearsals around midnight Wednesday.

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Hundreds of thousands of people are expected to flock to London for the historic event, and many die-hard royal fans are already staying close to Buckingham Palace to ensure the best viewing spot.

“We’ve always been big fans of the royal family. She also came to celebrate (the Queen’s) jubilee, so we got to see her every great moment,” said Luisa Rouis from Portugal.

“It is a great occasion,” he added.