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“You can’t tell anyone…”

“You can’t tell anyone…”


Scenes aired in the final act of the telenovela

Images: Reproduction / Redi Globo

This Friday (4), the final chapter of Travisia will be broadcast. As usual, the final scenes of the Rede Globo plot promise a lot of emotion. Among them, the result of the criminal who ruined lives Karina (Daniel Olympia), who leaked intimate photos by a man posing as an actress.

After making life hell Karinathe criminal will try to do Tonio (Vicente Alvite) They fall into their clutches. To do this, it will pass Bruna Schuler (Julia Boscacio) again. In a conversation with the boy, the fagot will appear, posing as the actress, dressed as Wonder Woman and inviting the boy on a mission.

Photo: Reproduction/Rede Globo

“Are you really going to take me on a mission?”I’ll question Toniovery excited and does not know that he is being deceived. “I will, but you can’t tell anyone…otherwise they won’t let you go,” The criminal will answer. in the meantime, Nubia Drica Moraes is going to confiscate his grandson’s phone and help him Welcome (Giovanna Antonelli).

The police chief, who had been looking for the criminal for a long time, managed to catch the pedophile. After he was arrested and identified before Karina (Daniel Olympia), the guy will be brutally murdered in prison by his cellmates. Now the young woman, other than expected, is going to meet her happy ending alongside her family and friends.