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Prime Video will get a new interface with Top 10 and navigation bar

Prime Video will get a new interface with Top 10 and navigation bar

After years of user complaints, the navigation interface of Prime video will be changed by Amazon. to me LimitFrom this week, the change is made to the application of the streaming platform on various electronic devices, including products such as fire stick and smart TVs in addition to Android. iOS And web browsers will have to wait a little longer.

The first big change to note will be visible, as the tiled content columns are swapped out for a carousel-like flow across the available titles. The new design should emphasize the original products of the platform, such as success boysin addition to helping the user identify available addresses without the need for additional payments.

Another great novelty is the addition of the Top 10, similar to what is available at Netflix. However, there isn’t much detail about the list view criteria, or whether there will be more than one selection per area, for example.

Another useful tool that will be accommodated by Prime Video is the side navigation bar, which is aligned to the left of the screen in TV apps. It will have six main pages: Home, Shop, Search, Live TV, Free with Ads, and My Stuff. There will still be sub navigation options to facilitate user promoted searches.

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