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PIS/PASEP 2024 salary allowance payment begins on February 15: Find out if you qualify!

PIS/PASEP 2024 salary allowance payment begins on February 15: Find out if you qualify!

The 2024 salary bonus, which includes benefits to be paid by the Social Integration Program (PIS) and the Public Employee Asset Building Program (PASEP), will begin to be available from February 15, 2024. The first beneficiaries will be those born in January, followed by those born in February, then those who Their PASEP registration ends with the number 1.

Private sector workers and public sector employees will receive their benefits according to their birth month. All amounts to be paid will be based on the current minimum wage, which currently stands at R$1,412.

Payment calendar

Payments will be released according to the calendar approved by the Deliberative Council of the Workers Support Fund (Codefat). According to data provided by Codefat, the 2024 salary bonus will benefit about 24.5 million workers, with a total release of R$ 23.9 billion. More information can be accessed through the Caixa Trabalhador app. Other details about the PIS system are also available on the Caixa Econômica Federal and PASEP service channels through Banco do Brasil.

What is eligibility for PIS/PASEP?

The amount each worker receives varies depending on the number of months worked. Anyone who has worked for the full 12 months will receive the full minimum wage, i.e. R$1,412. On the other hand, those who have worked for less than a year will receive a proportional amount.

In order for the beneficiary to be eligible for the salary bonus, he or she must meet the following criteria:

  • The census has been in the PIS/PASEP program for at least five years
  • You must have officially worked for at least 30 days during 2022
  • To have an average monthly income of up to the minimum wage during 2022
  • Obtain all information correctly provided by the employer in Al Rayes (Annual Social Information Report) for the year 2022.
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PIS/PASEP 2024 Benefits Consultation

From February 5, 2024, the worker will be able to inquire about eligibility and the amounts to be received by accessing the CTPS digital card application or through the Gov.br portal.