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Paulinho, from Atletico MG, speaks out after the religious attacks: “Our fight is daily” |  Sports mg

Paulinho, from Atletico MG, speaks out after the religious attacks: “Our fight is daily” | Sports mg

This Saturday, striker Paulinho, from Atletico-MGShe spoke out two days after she was exposed to religious intolerance on social media. The player, who participated for the first time with the Brazilian national team last Thursday, in the defeat against Colombia, received fanatical comments because of his practice of Candomblé.

Atlético MG will have a budget of R$400m in 2024, says the president.

“Our struggle is daily… We continue. Our gratitude to the Oricas ✊🏾” – stated the player.

During the match against Colombia, in the 2026 World Cup qualifiers, Paulinho was called up in the 22nd minute of the final stage, instead of Rodrigo. At that moment, Brazil were victorious 1-0, with a goal by Gabriel Martinelli. Seven minutes after the striker came on, Luis Diaz scored the first goal and, at the age of 33, he found the back of the net again to ensure the Colombian’s return.

Gallo has also spoken out on social media in defense of No.10.

“Religious fanaticism is a crime and must be fought by everyone. Gallo strongly denounces the attacks on our player Paulinho, on social media, during the match with the Brazilian team. Be strong, Paulinho. May your faith protect you from the evil of others! ✊ 🏽🏹”(Atletico-MG)

Atletico MG x Fortaleza; Paulinho’s goal – Photo: Pedro Souza/Atletico MG

In addition to Minas Gerais FC, Vasco, the team that exposed the player, denied the attacks and stressed the importance of religious freedom in the country.

“#VascoDaGama strongly denies the religious intolerance suffered by the Brazilian national team striker, Paulinho, and offers ready support for the creation of #BaseForte. We stress the importance of respecting all religions and beliefs. Prejudice must be combated in favor of community pluralism, so that everyone can, in peace, express their faith.” “. (Vasco)

-There are always negative comments on social media, but it’s not something I relate to. Anyone who wants to keep sending me bad energy will not affect me, I will stay protected and focus on what I want.

“But this is something I will always fight for, using my name and the power of my words to fight this kind of prejudice that has no place today.” (Paulinho)

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