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Anderson Moreira confirms he will not continue in 2024

Anderson Moreira confirms he will not continue in 2024

In addition to the contact with the fans, the performance in the second round of the second division ended up undermining the coach’s streak in Ilha do Retiro

End of line. After losing to victoryIn the center of the city of Paradão, with the chances of practically bidding farewell, coach Anderson Moreira confirmed that he would not continue as coach of the team. sports In 2024.

The coach had given indications that he would not remain at the club during the uproar he caused on his networks, as he called on the fans to support the team in the final stage of the second division league. The confirmation was made in a press conference after the match. match.

“There is no Anderson for 2024 in sports. There I was very clear. At that moment I had already said that there would be no continuity, regardless of arriving or not. We have to understand the cycles. And Anderson’s cycle could have ended a little earlier. “Maybe at a time when we did not get the result.”

Photo: Rafael Bandeira/SCR

So far, the coach has played 67 matches with the club, achieving 39 wins, 16 draws and 12 wins. There is no information yet whether the coach will be on the edge of the field in front of him or not Sampaio Correanext weekend, for the final round of Second division league.

Mathematically, Sport needs to beat Sampaio Correa and hopes that it does not happen Four groups out of five: Mirasol, Novorizontino, Atlético-Go, Juventude and Villa Nova do not win their matches. With guaranteed access, Leão da Barra only meets the schedule.

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Series B – Victory 1 x 0 Sport – 45 minutes