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Parliamentarians allocate R$3 million for Tocantins

Parliamentarians allocate R$3 million for Tocantins

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The beach season heats up the economy of many towns in Tocantins

Tocantins state deputies have allocated more than R$3 million to municipalities with tourism potential. Municipalities of coastal or riverside cities will receive resources to help with the 2023 beach season.

Resources from the Parliamentary Amendments will also be used to increase commemorative dates, such as rodeos and horseback riding – cultural manifestations common in this area. However, the deputies ensured that more than 50% of this resource should be used for beach tourism.

This investment follows a study by academics from the State University of Tocantins (Unitines) and the Federal Institute of Tocantins (IFTO), which shows that beach seasons bring more profits to cities that invest in tourism. The study revealed the economic impact on some beach destinations last year: Araguacima (32,770,220.60 R$); Araguana (136,132,500.00 R$); Itaguatens (3,362,400.00 R$); Pedro Afonso (5,618,800.00 Brazilian reals); Fish (R$62,642,305.00); Tocantinopolis (2,672,625.00 R$); tuberatine (15,244,500.00 Brazilian reals).

According to the mayor of Philadelphia, David Pinto, the resources through the mod will generate an average of 60,000 visitors during the months of July and August. Without this resource, Pinto noted, traditional festivals, such as the city’s remembrance, would be damaged. Other mayors also celebrated the transfers and thanked parliamentarians for their interest in tourism in the state.

“What are we doing here at tocantins, in addition to providing conditions for people to socialize with their families and friends, it also focuses on moving our economy forward. Just as Carnival is a tourist destination in Rio de Janeiro, and in other states with its culture, we want to incorporate July as an option for Brazilian tourism to make Tocantins its destination for vacations during our summer season. beaches

Hirsi Ayres, Secretary of State for Tourism of Tocantins

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