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The Brazil-Serbia match breaks the record

The Brazil-Serbia match breaks the record

Brazil’s debut and victory over Serbia in the Qatar Cup on Thursday (23rd) yielded rare and even exorbitant ratings for Globo.

According to data obtained by analogy by Kantar Media, TV Globo scored 50 audience points (with peaks of 53) and 76% “engagement” in the metropolitan city of São Paulo, the main and most important arena of Brazilian television.

The same was repeated on PNT (National Television Authority). Preview numbers indicate a national audience of 51, with a rating of 77%.

In other words: 77 out of every 100 TVs turned on in Brazil were tuning the Globo during the Brazil-Serbia match.

It was not possible to say when the last time Globo had access to such an index, but it is similar to the indexes on the last seasons of TV series of the 1970s and 1980s. I reached this level.

Globo competition 7 x 1

According to preliminary data, the game exceeded 45 points from start to finish. Each point in this measurement is equivalent to about 75,000 households, each with a statistical mean of 2.7 residents.

During the match, Records’ “share” was around 1.7% and SBT at 1.6%. The band was about 0.6% and RedeTV! By 0.3%, which is already considered a public characteristic.

Isn’t Globo “bankrupt”?

The result shows the incredible power of the broadcaster, despite the hate and desire for bankruptcy spreading on social networks.

Apparently, Globo hasn’t taken viewers away from other open TVs. It’s also robbed of pay-TV and over-the-air broadcasts –Who have chronic delay problem in live broadcast, also publish this column🇧🇷

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During the match, the total number of TVs connected was 66%. The indicator in the game time slot, on days without a cup, is about 57%.

Globo’s biggest crowd this year happened in the Copa do Brasil final, between Flamengo x CorinthiansLast month: 36 points.

The consolidated audience score will be released tomorrow by Kantar Media.