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Only these shekels can apply for a Bolsa Família loan

Only these shekels can apply for a Bolsa Família loan

The Federal Government recently established a new program for policyholders who are part of the Individual Registry (CadÚnico). The Progredir line of credit aims to help families with social and economic vulnerabilities achieve financial independence. But it is important to stress that the line of credit is only aimed at those who want to open or expand their business.

As mentioned earlier, Progredir is aimed at individual policyholders of record. This means that even Bolsa Família beneficiaries can withdraw the credit line. In order to find out if it is suitable to contract, the insured person can go to a branch of Caixa Econômica Federal (CEF) to make an appointment. If you can withdraw the credit line, the insured must follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Get a sponsor;
  • Step 2: Schedule a visit from a Caixa agent;
  • Step 3: Wait 8 days after the visit to see if the loan has been approved;
  • Step 4: If approved, wait for the funds to be received into the Caixa account.

A line of credit is exclusive to entrepreneurs. But it is worth emphasizing that, according to the federal government, both formal entrepreneurs and those still in their informal businesses can get a line of credit. Those who want to formalize a business can start by registering as a Small Individual Entrepreneur (MEI).

Loan from Auxílio Brasil or Bolsa Família

In October last year, the current government issued the Auxílio Brasil salary loan to families that were part of the income transfer programme. Specialists considered the line of credit to be a risk, since the families who benefited from it were already in a situation of social and economic vulnerability.

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With the entry of a new government, the liberalization of the line of credit stopped and the Auxílio Brasil loan underwent changes, becoming the Bolsa Família salary loan. As a result, the line of credit has begun to offer smaller, but safer amounts to beneficiaries. However, Caixa Econômica Federal, one of the country’s main financial institutions, has informed that it will not be part of the credit line.

According to the president of Caixa Econômica, the credit limit has not been paid. This means that it may cause losses to the banks that provide the loan. Therefore, at present, policyholders do not have both lines of credit.

Bolsa Familia and Brazil Aid discounts

It is important to note that even with the interruption of the Auxílio Brasil Payroll Loan, the deduction continues from policyholders who contracted the credit line last year. In this case, the Bolsa Família Income Transfer Program payroll is debited directly.

To the relief of many policyholders, the government set the minimum amount for the Bolsa Família at R$600, as well as a guarantee that the value would increase at R$142, according to the number of people living in and sharing the same home. income. The aim was to ensure a fairer transfer of policyholders. However, families who have taken out the loan continue to receive a rebate of R$160. Check below how much a family can get with or without a discount:

  • Families of four or less: R$600 – or R$440 with discount;
  • Families of five: R$710 – or R$550 with discount;
  • Families of six: R$852 – or R$692 with discount;
  • Families of seven: R$994 – or R$834 with discount;
  • Families of eight: R$1,136 – or R$976 at a discount;
  • Families of nine people: R$1,278 – or R$1,118 with a discount;
  • Families of ten people: R$1,420 – or R$1,260 with a discount.
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