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The government distributes ANTENNA KIT;  See who can receive

The government distributes ANTENNA KIT; See who can receive

5G has begun to be activated in many Brazilian capitals, and with new technology Some citizens may experience TV signal interference. To ensure correct operation, all C-band (Parabolic) channels will be transferred to the Ku-Band.

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The lockdown will not be completed until December 31, 2025, but the government has already started taking measures to avoid harming the population. One of them is antenna kit distribution for low-income families.

This procedure is carried out by the Monitoring Group on Implementation of Solutions to Interference Problems in the 3 625 to 3700 MHz (Gaispi) band, with support from the Ministry of Communications and other entities.

Who can receive the antenna assembly?

All families are registered in cad unique (Individual Register of Federal Government Social Programs) Those who use satellite dishes can order a kit with a digital signal. Scheduling is now available in capitals where 5G has been activated.

Families with a monthly income of up to half the minimum wage per person can register in the individual registry; Or up to three salaries. Enrollment is also available for families whose income is greater than this, but who are associated with or require a program or feature that uses CadÚnico.

How to order the antenna kit?

Interested parties who meet the above requirements can request an exchange by calling 0800 729 2404 or Siga Antenado website. Installation is free.

A family that uses external (fishbone type) or indoor digital antennas has access to digital television and will need to make the change. The same goes for those who have a TV subscription.

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