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The government begins the testing phase of FGTS Digital

The government begins the testing phase of FGTS Digital

The Ministry of Labor and Employment begins on Saturday (19) the testing phase of the FGTS digital system, which will replace the current transmission of information from the Employees’ Lifetime Guarantee Fund by companies, which is currently being implemented by Conectividade Social / Caixa System.

In a note, Volume reported that FGTS Digital implementation — scheduled for January 2024 — would represent progress in the process of fulfilling the FGTS commitment. Under the current system, the employer spends about 34 hours/month to complete the form. A reduction to 25 hours is expected with FGTS Digital, which will use eSocial data.

Among the main benefits mentioned by the ministry are the elimination of bureaucracy and additional costs, cost reduction and digitization of services, with speed of procedures and automation of procedures.

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To prepare companies for the new application process, the Labor Inspection Department will start the training process from this Saturday until the end of the year. The testing phase will be available to companies in the first group of eSocial, with revenues of up to R$78 million, with a total of about 20 million companies.

From September 16, the training will be available to other companies. “It is an opportunity for companies to adjust their internal processes and verify that they are properly declaring FGTS account rules on eSocial payroll,” the department explained.


He added, in a note, that, Saturday, the electronic social system will stop for four hours to integrate with the new Digital FGTS system. The system will then be issued to the first group companies.

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All companies will have until November 10 to finish the tests and until the end of the year to analyze correct data that will inform the new system. “Everything that is generated at FGTS Digital during this period is a simulation, only what is reported from January 1 is correct.”


To access the new system, the business owner must have access to connection With the password gov.br (silver or gold) or via the digital certificate and start training.


FGTS Digital is a set of integrated systems that will manage the various processes related to compliance with the FGTS Payment Obligation. The proposal, according to the government, is to strengthen procedural and technological solutions that facilitate compliance with this obligation and ensure that amounts owed to workers are individually allocated in their escrow accounts.

“Special systems will be established to manage, monitor and automate procedures for recovering and/or compensating amounts paid unnecessarily, making it easier for the business owner to compensate or recover these amounts.

FGTS amounts due will normally be calculated based on the information provided via eSocial and the debt will actually be allocated from the outset, using individual taxpayer registration (CPF) as one of the primary elements of worker identification.”

Through the system, it will be available to issue proofs, see extracts of payments made, allocate payslips, check open debts and pay compensation fines based on the wage due for the entire period of employment.