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On the scoresheet on Boxing Day, City revert to English

On the scoresheet on Boxing Day, City revert to English

The 19th round of the English Premier League relies on the Christmas spirit and end-of-year celebrations to delight its fans. On Wednesday (12/27), three matches will be held to brighten the end of the year for English football fans, including a match between three of the highest scorers in the history of Boxing Day, which is the traditional round of the tournament that takes place after Christmas. .

Celebrated since 1871 Boxing day It is already known by teams from the Queen's Land, but some teams have a greater association with matches played immediately after the Christmas celebrations.

Manchester City, the current champion, returns to the competition after winning the Club World Cup. Pep Guardiola's men face Everton, away from home.

Everton is the sixth team with the most points scored during Boxing Day, with 40 goals in 38 matches, but they see their competitor in the round right behind them, with 38 points scored in 21 matches.

Chelsea, who will play Crystal Palace at 4:30pm on Wednesday (27/12), are in the top 5 scorers on Boxing Day, with 48 points achieved in 28 Boxing Day matches.

Learn about the highest scorers on Boxing Day in the history of the English Premier League:

Manchester United – 70 points in 28 matches
Liverpool – 56 points in 26 matches
Arsenal – 55 points in 25 games
Tottenham – 53 points in 26 games
– Chelsea 48 points in 28 matches
Everton – 40 points in 28 games
Manchester City – 38 points in 21 matches

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Find out the schedule of English Premier League matches for today, Wednesday:

Brentford vs Wolverhampton – 4:30pm
Chelsea x Crystal Palace – 4:30 p.m.
Everton x Manchester City – 5:15 pm