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Arrascaeta says Flamengo were promised the No. 10 shirt

Arrascaeta says Flamengo were promised the No. 10 shirt

He claims there was no conversation. “He (Gabigol) didn't ask me anything. “The directors have already agreed that it was his and what I will say is that after everything he won here,” he said in an interview with Es Todo un Tema.

When I was going to come to Flamengo they told me they would give me 10. Obviously I like that number and if I had the possibility, it makes sense that I would want it. I played for Defensor, the Uruguay national team and Cruzeiro. Much later, everything was formalized as Gabigol, but I have no resentment.


The midfielder also paid tribute to Gabigol, who is a friend of his. “It's one of the friendships I have on staff. We get along and he's someone I really like. I've learned a lot from him, he's a great professional. When he has to leave, he leaves, but when he needs to he takes things seriously.” “He takes care of himself, he's number one. That's why he won everything at Flamengo. He has his own personality, but it's one thing to see him from the outside and another thing to see him every day.”

Arascaeta stated that he is not dreaming of Europe at the moment. Being closer to Uruguay, the player appreciates his moment at Flamengo.

It's something I always say. If I had talked about Europe when I was younger, I would have looked at it differently. Nowadays, I think if I go to Europe I will not go to such a qualified and big club that is fighting for the title. this is the difference. At Flamengo we fight every year.

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