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“Oceano”: Understand the real story behind Djavan’s success

“Oceano”: Understand the real story behind Djavan’s success

Javan He became a topic on social media last Saturday (28), after his very rare appearance on the small screen, while participating in Cauldron with mion. In Gravity, the singer sang his greatest hits, and He shed light on the strange story behind the creation of “Oceano,” one of his biggest hits.

On this occasion, Lucio Mauro Filho, a musician who is part of the fixed program crew, presented the artist’s classics, and when discussing the song development process, The great artist said that he almost threw the song’s lyrics in the trash, but his eldest daughter warned him.

“I was in the United States, and then Flavia, my eldest daughter, called me and said, ‘Dad, I was here looking through your tapes and I found a piece of music, how can you get rid of it?’ Then I said, ‘What is this? I don’t know.’ I heard that on the phone, And I said, “It’s really beautiful.”He said.

“It was five years after I had made this piece and played it at our match, and then I said: ‘That’s right, when I go back to Brazil I will finish it.’ “Then I saw it with the words sung in Spanish, which I came up with to lead the melody, and then I finished it and it became this, This is an amazing classic.”Javan said.

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