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Zezé Di Camargo explains the advice he gave Wanessa after the eviction

Zezé Di Camargo explains the advice he gave Wanessa after the eviction

Wanessa Camargo He returned home after being kicked outBBB24' He receives all the affection from the family. Upon her return to her residence, she was greeted by her children, mother and sister, but she also received an important call from her father. Zizi de Camargo He was keen to support his daughter at this time, even from afar, and called her and gave her advice.

Zizi de Camargo and Wanessa Camargo

Photo: Reproduction/Instagram/Marcia Piovesan

“I tell her: You have one great thing, and it's not a comment, that will take away from you: talent. You sing like hell, and you work with other artists. Think about it, focus on it, and forget the world.”, The singer told the magazine from.

What's more, the citizen mentioned in the interview that his daughter is fine and dealing with all the controversy caused by the game. “The heart is open, happy with life, happy for her. Wanessa is also already alive, she has already said goodbye to this fear, and what she experienced there.”I finish.

Please note that Vanessa He was kicked outBP24After launching an attack on David. After the concert last weekend, the singer slapped the leg of the boy, who was sleeping, and covered him in one of the beds at home. At that time, the brother woke up frightened and shortly after went to confession, where he reported the situation and said he felt attacked.

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