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Problems accessing gov.br account?  see how you solve

Problems accessing gov.br account? see how you solve

The gov.br account ensures the identification of every Brazilian citizen who accesses the services Digital from the government. It is a conduit for the standardization of public services where those with login at Silver or Gold levels reach a higher level of safety. Here’s what to do if you have access issues.

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Citizens can access many services through the gov.br portal, such as Digital Business Card, Federal Revenue, eSocial, INSS and some others. Once a citizen creates an account, they get the Bronze level, but from the moment they meet other security criteria that verify identity, it’s possible to get to the Gold level.

Access to gov.br . account

Creating an account on gov.br is very simple, especially because it is free and available on the Internet. Just access the gov.br website or app. After following the first steps of sharing basic information, the citizen gets a Bronze level.

Next steps to protect the account Reach gold level. This is the only way to get access to the most diverse services, especially those that include more sensitive data, for example, rescuing forgotten money in banks.

In case of doubt, access to the gov.br account allows the citizen to go to the option “Privacy / Reliability Seals”. You can check the other steps needed for gold level there.

If a person has forgotten the access password, they can indicate the CPF and follow the other steps by clicking “I forgot my password”. One of the ways to carry out the procedure is through a QR code, this will take you to the facial recognition stage of recovery from the account.

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Citizens can also regain access through a code sent to the registered email or by SMS. You always have to pay close attention.

If you notice that any changes to the registry have been made by someone else, the best thing to do is to contact us via email at [email protected] To proceed with the restoration the account.