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Nívea Stelmann reveals why she's staying away from TV

Nívea Stelmann reveals why she’s staying away from TV

Nivea Stillman She returned to the series, at least in the special for “Chocolate com Pimenta”, where she plays the teacher Graça, Selena’s sister, a character played by Samara Felippo.

But, at 48 years old, the actress doesn’t intend to get back to the beat of records anytime soon. In an interview with Folha de São Paulo, the celebrity said that she devotes herself to her family, but does not rule out a return to work: at the moment, this is not in my plans. ”

Nívea, who lives in the US, says she has no problem reviewing her work on TV and is very proud of all the characters she has played: “I’m a person who recognizes the qualities I have and also when I do a good career. I’m not someone who gets flogged,” the actress said.

During the interview, Nívea Stelmann recalled her pregnancy, which ended up being included in Graça’s story: “A pregnant woman is getting tired, and besides, creating a character with a nature that gives birth to life was not easy. But it was worth it.”

in "Pepper Chocolate"Graça (Nívea Stelmann) has a high pregnancy risk

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Pregnancy also brought drama to the actress, who had to face the tragic outcome of the character, who ended up dying in childbirth: “When I did the last scene in Graça, where she died in childbirth. It was so strong because I was really pregnant. I remember that cast And the direction they were so worried about me. With my head, with my well-being. It was a very difficult sight, but it turned out to be beautiful.”

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Success in the afternoon of Globo

The special edition of “Chocolate com Pimenta” showed, once again, that Globo should invest in a TV series fair in the afternoon. As with “O Cravo ea Rosa”, the first plot at 3 pm, the plot pleased the audience, leaving the station in first place.

According to previous data from Ibope, Walcyr Carrasco’s telenovela, which includes Mariana Zimenes and Murillo Benicio, scored excellent rates, exceeding 60% in the first chapter of the special edition “O Cravo ea Rosa”.

old novels like "Pepper Chocolate"Keep giving good reviews to Globo

In addition to the audience, the production, originally shown in 2003, has dominated social networks, leaving #ChocolComPimenta among the most used. The character of Anna Francesca, played by Mariana Zimenes, also appeared on the web and earned a hashtag.

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