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Alternative to Cara e Coragem gets premiere date on Globo - Prisma

Alternative to Cara e Coragem gets premiere date on Globo – Prisma

Globo has scheduled the series “Vai na Fé” to premiere on January 16, the upcoming soap opera at 7 AM, written by Rosanne Svartmann (this time without Paulo Halm) and which will have the artistic direction of Paolo Silvestrini.

According to a plan set by the radio, recordings will begin this month at locations in Rio de Janeiro.

The cast includes names such as Sheron Menezzes – the protagonist; Leticia Salles – comedian villain, Carolina Dickman, Jose Loreto, Renata Sora, Bella Campos, Zicarlos Machado, Gian Paulo Campos, Emilio Dantas, Regian Alves, Claudia Ohana, Samuel de Assis, Mel Maya, among others.

In replacing “Cara e Coragem,” Menezzes will play Sol, a sausage seller who was once the queen of funk dancing. Now evangelical, she sings at a church service in her neighborhood, in Rio.

Until he has the opportunity to become a backing vocalist for the singer performed by Loreto, which causes a huge change in his life.

In contrast, Loreto’s character is an artist in a decadent and ignorant state.

Place your bets

“A Fazenda 14” is in progress, and at the moment it is not possible to talk about a favorite (or favorite) for the main prize.

Indeed, the good work developed by Adriane Galisteu in the management of rural reality. It has already been taken care of.

Max temperature

Anything can happen while giving a reality show. It is a lottery. It may work, or it may not work at all. Now, in terms of choices made by Deolane Bezerra and Deborah Albuquerque, for those with “extreme heat”, there is no denying that this version of “A Fazenda” was a huge hit.

Spark all the time!


Behind the scenes of Rede TV! Believe me, they are thinking of a new change in “TV Fama”.

This makes it difficult!


At Globo, there are people who are very sympathetic to the possibility of Pabllo Vittar doing a show.

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Therefore, no one is surprised by the artist’s work on open television in the future.

Possible absence

Massa Silva is serving as the digital godmother for the Telethon campaign, which is due for another release on SBT: November 4 and 5. The young presenter has always played an important role in the charity marathon.

Now, if there really is an exclusive contract with Globo, for a show in 2023, forget about it.

same issue

Larissa Manuela is another one that didn’t have a confirmed presence in the next version of Telethon.

Everything indicates that he will be absent from this year’s show, due to his relationship with Globo.

Cyril too

Jean Paulo Campos will be an important character in Globo’s upcoming opera at 7 o’clock, “Vai na Fé”.

Law student will live. It’s another name that will hardly be on the ‘Teleton 2022’.


Since Globo has produced a meeting between the actors of yesterday and today in the TV series “Pantanal”, which will be shown in the final chapter, wouldn’t it be interesting to also give a little space to the original opening theme in its conclusion?

The work of Marcos Viana and Sagrado Curacao da Tierra? Here’s the advice.

corner club

After working on soap operas such as “Jesus”, “Um Lugar ao Sol” and “Reis”, actor and singer Rômulo Weber dedicated himself to the show “Clube da Esquina – Os Sonhos Não Envelhecem”. He plays the poet Marcio Borges.

The show takes place at Teatro Riachuelo, in Rio, and then moves to Teatro Liberdade, in São Paulo.

TV and movies

Nathália Falcão will be one of the attractions of “Travessia”, a replacement for “Pantanal”, which will premiere on the tenth, and will play Julia, girlfriend of the protagonist Chiara, played by Jade Picon. Nathália has in its curriculum such products as “Vade Retro”, “Hard” and “Desalma”.

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In 2023, the actress can also be seen in the movie “Perdida”, based on a book by Brazilian writer Karina Risi.

nothing but

Rebeca Abravanel has appeared on SBT on a few occasions, but she was only present on campaign recording.

nothing else. Her priority is to be with her husband, Alexandre Pato, who works in the United States.

change of plans

Rebeca’s opportunity to resume the SBT program is directly linked to an agreement between Pato and a football club in Brazil.

If that happens in the 2023 season, then yes, she could return to the studios.

double effect

Today, the appearance of the actor in various paths on open television is not new. It could be in an unreleased series and also in reruns.

Now, when it comes to Romolo Estrella, fate has played well in his favour. Soon he appeared in two new productions out in the open: “Verdades Secretas 2” on the fourth, and “Travessia” on the tenth.

my common love

On September 24, “The Big Bang Theory” completed 15 years of debut and its success continued at full steam.

Aired on Warner Channel since October 2007, and currently running prime-time marathons, the series continues to attract a large number of viewers and is one of the channel’s champions.

Qatar Cup

The coverage of the Qatar Cup on Globo will gain more momentum from November 7, the day the Brazilian national team players were called up. As a next step, show special series about sports and network news.

On November 11, “Globo Repórter” will have a special edition about Qatar, produced by Eric Faria.

for the first time

In addition to an exclusive interview with Juliette Freire, The Eliana Show (SBT) is promoting, this Sunday, the premiere of Season 7 of “Minha Mulher que Manda.”
The image in which husbands/friends drive stoves to obey the wives’ commands.

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Upon launching this edition, Viih Tube and Eliezer; Tammy Miranda and Andressa, as well as Gillilandia and Anderson.


How exciting it is to say goodbye to the “Pantanal” crew on social networks. MORE: Marcos Palmera’s reverence, the protagonist, for the work done by the entire team.

And a “homage” to the giant Benedetto Roy Barbosa.

He hits

• The opening match of the Cup will be held on November 20, at 1:00 pm Brasilia time, between Qatar, the host country, and Ecuador…

• …it is only natural, since then, that the focus of Globo’s programming has been directed to games …

• … But Fatima Bernardis has nothing to do with her…

• … ‘The Voice’ will air shortly before the World Cup, on November 15th, and is hoping for full support from home.

• On Netflix, people thought it strange that Globoplay announced the production of a detective series called “Veronika”…

• …Veronica is a black lawyer and resident of the favela area who gets involved in organized crime…

• … well, at least they were careful to put the “k” in there…

• … Meanwhile, there are predictions about the third season of “Good Morning, Veronica”.

• In SBT, there is still news of the year-end schedule…

• … In fact, the network is more interested in the release of the works of the next TV series “Romeu e Julieta”.

• Katia Fonseca brings a new frame to her program “Best of the Af afternoon”, on the band. It is “taste and scatter”.