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Newspaper reveals the "change of the century" that could make Ronaldo return to United;  See how it will work

Newspaper reveals the “change of the century” that could make Ronaldo return to United; See how it will work

Cristiano Ronaldo still has another year of contract with JuventusBut it is already one of the main names in the transfer market. The Portuguese will not feel very satisfied in Italy and will look for a change that will bring him closer to fighting for the Champions League title again. One option would be to return to Manchester United. So, on Saturday, Marca revealed the path that will be: what they call “changing the century” with the participation of Paul Pogba.

However, negotiation does not appear to be that simple. Pogba signed with United in 2016 for just over 100 million euros. Although the team isn’t raised as expected, it remains an important part of the team.

At 28 years old, the Frenchman is also eight years younger than Cristiano Ronaldo, who is already nearing the end of his career.

Ronaldo, however, would be willing to do anything to facilitate the negotiations. And according to the Italian newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport, the star would have already accepted a sharp reduction in his salary so that he could play in England again.

Juventus also paid more than 100 million euros in 2018 to sign the Portuguese contract.

In addition to Ronaldo’s desire, what can make negotiating a little easier is that both players have one extra season per contract. In other words, from January 2022, they could already sign a pre-contract to switch clubs in the 2022-23 season, which would leave United and Juventus without getting a dime a dozen for them.

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