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Ariel Hulan expects to introduce Sotildo and wants reinforcements in Santos: "We have to hire" |  The saints

Ariel Hulan expects to introduce Sotildo and wants reinforcements in Santos: “We have to hire” | The saints

After defeat Santos to From 1 to 0 for NovorizontinoThis Friday, for the Paulista Championship, Coach Ariel Hulan said Santos needs to hire reinforcements.

The scenario that the coach would like, at this point in time, is not possible, but it seems close to being resolved. This is because the fish, With the potential sale of Sotido to Toronto FC, The “transfer ban” may end the FIFA penalty preventing the club from registering new players for failing to pay Huachipato to buy the Venezuelan in 2019.

This is clearly not the team that played in the Libertadores final. Pituca isn’t there, Veríssimo isn’t there, we probably won’t have another one (Soteldo, in negotiations with Toronto FC). We have to hire and bring in players of the same level as before. This will help the youth to continue growing. They put in a huge amount of effort, but there are a lot of matches. Lots of people start making their debuts, in their first minutes, but I think everyone is getting better. We have to be patient, ‘Hulan said,’ This is the most important thing in life and not the most common thing in football.

Santos coach Ariel Hulan in the match against Novorzentino – Photo: Evan Storty / Santos FC.

– It is very important for Santos to make an effort and prepare well for the Brazilian. But I don’t like giving opinions, as Sotildo is still in the negotiation stage. When this is resolved, we’ll see what we talk to the board of directors – keep going. Coach.

I, the players, the coaching staff, we all know how important the classics are. But we also have to believe that after 48 hours we have a game in Libertadores. And it’s not just about the level of play, we have players who haven’t recovered within 48 hours. Today he played some of the players who played against Barcelona. The Argentine said: First, we have to see how they are physically, then we build the most competitive team on Sunday and Tuesday.

Best moments: Novorzentino 1 x 0 Santos for the seventh round of the Paulista Championship

Santos positives in the game

– Possession of the ball was much better than in previous matches, until entering the competitive match. Novorzentino did not argue the ball with us. I think we have improved a lot, and we have improved in the defensive dead ball, but they also have a lot of things to improve. You have more movement and speed in passing in the opponent’s court. A one-on-one improvement, the ball stops in attack. And I think all of this worked. The only thing we can promise is work and improvement. The team made a good defensive match without the ball. But overall, Novorossino was not able to create, and that was good from a defensive point of view. But, I repeat, we have to get better up front, we have more substitutions, more tables, plus the dead ball in attack.

How to improve the aggressive production?

Writings in Vila Belmiro

Football … the fans here, in Europe and anywhere in the world want the team to win. And when you don’t win, they charge. They are not happy, but we have to see the reality. Players are making very great efforts. The training staff is doing everything they can. We hope we can play better and better, but we are not playing in normal conditions. Even more so with a very young and short team.

I like this gameplay, but we have to improve it a lot. Within this improvement that we have to make, it is necessary to talk about some questions, which were very clear, we need more movement, more precision, more individual imbalance, but all this is not easy to do overnight, rather More when teams are so close. It requires more accuracy. We have to improve this, in addition to the offensive dead ball, because it’s a way to unlock games.

The biggest problem to correct is in the last third of the field. We have to improve our offensive alternatives so that we can finish them. We don’t have to do it collectively, but also individually.

The ultimate goal. How to solve?

– In the other game there was a similar answer, and the answer will be too. When we play against opponents who are proposing, we feel more comfortable, but when we face competitors close, we need to improve. It’s not that I criticize what the opponent did, they understood that they had to play that way and that’s a good thing. But I just said we scored five goals in two dynamic matches. But we have to improve a lot against close opponents.

Do you lack speed in attack?

Yes, there was a lack of speed, lack of accuracy, tables, movement and more passes in depth, but we spoke with the players and we are working. Today it was very important for the team to have more effective possession of the ball until entering the opposing field. At the end of the second half they couldn’t counter-attack, and when they did, the defense was in good shape. All that remains is to do. Novorizontino is a strong, organized team that fight for the ranking, so not only does that mean that we play against a team that does not play, but that has its own virtues as well. I have to focus on my team and work hard on these specific things, plus see how we can add another player who can collaborate and contribute with all of our youth. We have already spoken to the board of directors, it will be very important that we can be hired.