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Naughty Dog makes its game “more exciting”

Naughty Dog makes its game “more exciting”

After presenting The Last of Us Part 2, which left fans pondering a deep story, and Uncharted 4, as the latest Nathan Drake adventure, Naughty Dog doesn’t want to stop. According to Neil Druckmann, the studio is working on “the most exciting game ever.”

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Druckmann currently serves as co-president and creative lead at the developer. Having worked with the company for over 20 years, in an interview with Sony, he was asked if there was any personal vision or dream project that he hoped to see realized in the future. He answered immediately:

I’ve been lucky enough to work on many dream projects and now I’m excited about a new project, which is probably my most exciting yet. There is a growing appreciation for gaming that transcends all age groups, unlike when I was growing up. This shift was highlighted by our foray into the world of television with The Last of Us, which I hoped would bridge the gap between gamers and non-gamers. The success of the show has put the spotlight on gaming, demonstrating the rich and immersive experiences it offers. This vision excites me not only for our current project, but also for the broader potential for games that will appeal to a global audience. I’m excited to see how this new game will be received, especially after the success of The Last of Us, because it could redefine traditional notions about gaming.

Neil Druckmann, creator of The Last of Us

Naughty Dog’s upcoming game is ‘ambitious and difficult to make’

We still don’t know much about Naughty Dog’s upcoming game, but Druckmann has been toying with the emotions of the studio’s fans for months. According to him, this mysterious project is ambitious and extremely difficult to implement. Check it out here!

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