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Napoleon in profile? AI creates photos with historical figures and they look great

Artificial intelligence is getting more and more advanced and Open AI’s ChatGPT is proving to be just that. In addition to this tool that generates texts and even programming codes, there are other platforms. For example, Mid Journey makes it easy to create realistic visuals from commands. This feature showed what it would look like if historical figures took a selfie. paying off!

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Digital Work with Artificial Intelligence: Skill and Technology

Duncan Thomsen, 53, who lives in London, England, has put his editing skills to work to create fun images. The director of the picture decided to succumb to artificial intelligence, and to photograph celebrities in unusual poses.

“What would it be like if some characters who lived a few centuries ago took a selfie?” the artist thought. In this way, he created scenarios on the Mid Journey platform and then changed some elements.

These are the best portraits with historical figures

Nor did it seem that Napoleon’s army was about to fight at the Battle of Waterloo in 1815. However, they may have been happy to serve the country alongside the emperor who had conquered several regions.

Duncan Thompson/SONES

On the other hand, Cleopatra and her subjects did not skimp on animation in this party picture. It seems that the mighty Empress of Egypt knows the best angle for a selfie from which to contemplate all the guests.

For the most controversial of portraits, Jesus and his disciples appear to be at Holy Communion in high spirits. Can you identify each of them besides the great prophet in the moment of celebration?

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“Say cheese,” Queen Victoria apparently said, back in the 16th century, when she gathered the royals for a group photo. Looking at the record, there is no indication that her smile is not contagious!

Look at the sympathy of Neanderthals in the Stone Age! If there really was a smartphone back then, archaeologists shouldn’t have much trouble when it comes to obtaining records of early humans.