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Planalto understands that it does not control the data on Bolsonaro’s gifts

Planalto understands that it does not control the data on Bolsonaro’s gifts

TCU said the main problem is not with the gift recipients, but with the entities responsible for controlling these items.

Arab Jewelry and Jair Bolsonaro

247 – The Presidency has acknowledged that it does not have control over all the gifts Jair Bolsonaro received during his presidency from 2019 to 2022. This information was disclosed in an audit conducted in March by the Federal Court of Accounts (TCU), whose aim was to verify whether there were any Irregularities that occurred in receiving gifts, such as jewelry provided by Saudi Arabia to the former president, were revealed by the O Estado de S. Paulo.

According to information from Carolina Brigido, who UOLTCU asked the Presidency to provide information on all gifts intended for Bolsonaro, whether they were from a private or public collection. The response received was that there was no control over all those present. Although some of the gifts received are known, they cannot be located. The main problem is not the recipients of the gifts, but the entities responsible for controlling these items, PCU said.

At this current stage of scrutiny, the Court is expected to propose that the Presidency of the Republic ask Bolsonaro and other potential gift recipients to report the items received or, if possible, declare that they do not have them. Initially, the review was expected to be completed in June, but it was later pushed back to July. Currently, there is no possible completion date. According to the journalist, there were difficulties in notifying the former occupant of the Planalto Palace, which delayed the process. Minister Augusto Nardis, who is seen as Bolsonaro’s political ally, is in charge of the case.

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