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More than 100 abandoned cats were found in the Abu Dhabi desert

More than 100 abandoned cats were found in the Abu Dhabi desert

MThis week, a rescue team found more than 100 cats – and some dogs – in the Al Falah area, in Abu Dhabi, in the United Arab Emirates. The animals were left to their fate in the desert, without food, water and shelter, in extremely high temperatures, reaching more than 50 degrees Celsius.

Sky News says that an investigation is now underway to find out what happened and who is responsible for the crime.

The International Organization for the Protection of Animals revealed that “rescue teams found wailing approximately 60 bodies (although there may have been more) in various stages of decomposition that were in the sand or just below the surface. The animals died suffering unimaginable and unimaginable suffering.” “Acceptable.” OIPA) which The case was reported on its official websitebringing together shocking images of discovery.

The association also said that “another 92 cats and one dog were found alive, but in critical condition.” They were all “very weak and dehydrated”, which is why they were “transferred to veterinary clinics” to receive healthcare.

The volunteers discovered another “inconvenient truth.” “To make the cruelty to these animals worse, almost all of the cats were microchipped and neutered, some not even two weeks ago, where the surgical stitches were clearly visible,” OIPA said in a statement.

The Department of Municipalities and Transport in Abu Dhabi condemned the “scandalous act of brutality” and opened an “immediate investigation” in cooperation with other relevant authorities.

Finally, OIPA highlights that “the cruel and inhumane practice of dumping animals into the desert is a systematic method of animal population control carried out in the UAE.”

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