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Minecraft has sold over 300 million copies and is celebrating new features

Minecraft has sold over 300 million copies and is celebrating new features

Minecraft was the focus of attention at the Minecraft Live event, held last Sunday (15), where news about the game was announced and it was revealed that it had surpassed the 300 million copies sold mark. The popular game, which will celebrate its 15th anniversary in 2024, will also have several new features in its upcoming 1.21 update, such as combat challenge rooms and new creatures – Armadillo and Breeze – as well as a new robotic block.

It is worth noting that Minecraft is currently available for Xbox Series The new features will be tested in beta versions in the coming weeks and will be launched in mid-2024.

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Minecraft will feature new randomly generated Trial Chambers with hordes of enemies like the new Breeze – Image: Reproduction/Minecraft

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The main new feature revealed is new challenge rooms, Trial Chambers, which can be found in underground areas of the game. They are like corridors that lead to several randomly generated rooms with different types of combat challenges or chests containing useful items for the next battle, almost like in a game with rogue elements.

In these rooms there will be a new Trial Spawner block that spawns enemies according to the number of players in the group, as well as offering rewards for defeating them. In these rooms it will also be possible to find the new enemy Breeze, a being made of wind and whose attacks can activate traps in the rooms.

Armadillo (Armadillo) was the new mob chosen to enter Minecraft by user voting – Image: Reproduction/Minecraft Live

For builders, there are new decorative blocks using Tuff and Copper, including a new form of lighting using Copper that allows a dim light when oxidized and its brightness can be restored by scraping it with an axe. A related addition for Redstone builders is the new block called Crafter, which is able to craft items just like the Workbench, but in an automated way. Users can send resources to the cluster and mass produce them using Redstone signals.

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Finally, the game announced the winner of the new mob vote: the Armadillo (Armored). This friendly little creature can be found in Minecraft and its shell can be used to make armor for your wolves, thus increasing the defense of your companions in dog combat. The losers are Crab and Penguin, who will not be added to the game.

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