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Milito reveals his story with Ronaldinho and wants a friend in the Atletico match

Milito reveals his story with Ronaldinho and wants a friend in the Atletico match

Officially announcing the club's new coach AthleteArgentine Gabriel Milito, in a press conference held at the Arena MRV, told a strange story about his friend, the idol of Alvinegro fans and the 2013 Copa Libertadores champion.

Former rival of Ronaldinho GauchoWhen he played for Spanish club Zaragoza, and later as a teammate at Barcelona, ​​the Atletico captain did not hide his smile when asked… Itataia About the relationship with the “witch”. He even refers to the former midfielder as 'Ronnie'.

“I didn't speak to Ronaldinho (before I arrived at Atletico), but Rooney is a great friend. We've met since we were kids, since we were 15; we're the same age. There were matches between Argentina and Brazil under-17, under-20 and under-23. We also faced Independiente and Gremio in the Mercosol Cup in 1998 and 1999. In 2003, he signed for Barcelona and I for Real Madrid, but I failed the medical and ended up signing for Zaragoza.

“I spent four seasons at Zaragoza, and he spent five at Barcelona. Every year, there were two league matches, and in three seasons we played each other in the Copa del Rey, in total, there were 14 matches against each other. He was an impressive player.” “And sometimes, I needed to stop him with shots,” he goes further, laughing a lot at the situation.

Milito still talks about his friendship with Ronaldinho, and remembers their first conversation when he joined the Camp Nou team.

“The day I arrived at Barcelona, ​​we were already friends. Not at first, but then there were kisses and hugs. I remember he hugged me tightly and said: 'It's great that we can play together, because he will never catch me again.'” He is an extraordinary person. Who knows, God willing, he may come to visit us one day.”

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Debut in Gallo

Gabriel Milito's first appearance on the field will be next Saturday (30). Starting at 4:30pm (Brasilia time), Atletico will face Cruzeiro in the first match of the tournament final. Starring Minas Gerais. The duel will take place at Arena MRV and will be led by Gallo.

The decisive match is scheduled to be held the following Sunday (7) and will be led by Raposa. Since they had a better season in the first stage, the Celestial team plays with an advantage of two equal results to win the cup. Play the last match with 100% of your fans in Mineirão as well. The ball will be rolling starting at 3:30pm (Brasilia time).=

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