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Abel regrets the Palmeiras tie and says: “If you want a coach who only wins, it’s not me” |  Palm trees

Abel regrets the Palmeiras tie and says: “If you want a coach who only wins, it’s not me” | Palm trees

silence Palm trees It ended in a 0-0 draw with Internacional, Sunday, in Porto Alegre, for the Brazilian Championship. After the match in Beira-Rio, coach Abel Ferreira spoke to the press again and analyzed Verdão’s performance in the match played in the south as well as in the last minute of the team.

Since the match against Atlético, in early July, the board has chosen to protect the group and not release athletes and technical staff to be interviewed in matches against São Paulo, for the Copa do Brasil, and Flamengo, in Brazil. During this period, only Leila Pereira and Anderson Barros spoke to reporters.

– Efficient football. Today I should have a winner that was us. Their guard got a point today. The first half was a balanced match. The second with us on top, a chance from Menino, another chance at Murilo’s head, Jonathan’s shot. We deserved more today, but that’s football. The most effective teams win, score points, and it happened with the captain of the Brazilian team, – coach Verdau analyzed.

– All that was missing was a goal, so what more can I say? Keep going, that’s what heroes do. I don’t know a champion who just wins. Champions are the ones who take the hits and keep going. If you want a coach who only wins titles, find out, because I don’t know where the coach who only wins titles is.

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At Sunday’s press conference, Abel Ferreira spoke about the team’s moment of the season. He also said he accepts criticism over the team’s recent performance, but also noted that Verdao has already won two titles in 2023: the Supercopa do Brasil and the Campeonato Paulista.

Inter x Palmeiras, Abel Ferreira and João Martins – Photo: Cesar Greco / Palmeiras

– If you want a coach who just wins, it’s not me. I had given notice several times over the past year and a half, when Palm trees It was the team that won the most titles, and it didn’t know how long it would last… I always said that I didn’t know how long it would last, that we would win and lose. It’s good for thirsty ones to make fun of Palm treesCoach and all that stuff, get your chance. We have to do what heroes do. Champion mentality. Wait, we dedicate ourselves to work… carry on. The Portuguese said that life goes on, as you say here.

– Two cents say that Palm trees It is the team to beat. Now you have the opportunity to criticize the coach and his choices, and the person most responsible for everything that happens is me. I’m the one who puts the players, I pick the players, which unfortunately pushed our players to the limits. But so far we are the team that has won the most titles this season. It’s good not to forget.

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