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The report says the UK is financing deforestation on the Amazon by investing in JBS

The report says the UK is financing deforestation on the Amazon by investing in JBS

Comment by the British Voluntary Charity Issued a statement This Tuesday (25 March 2021), the British Parliament’s pension fund is financing deforestation on the Amazon through JPS investments. Here Full In the report, in English (2 MB).

In analyzing data released annually by the UK government, the British Parliament invests US $ 67 million (equivalent to R $ 356 million) in 35 large corporations, funded by a BlackRock manager known as Eisheres. Meat and dairy products in the world. In all, $ 8 million (R $ 42.5 million) goes to JBS.

JBS, which owns brands such as Sira and Freeboy, one of the world’s largest meat producers,’s business practices have been consistently linked to deforestation in the Amazon rainforest and the Serrato region. However, the company has committed itself to zeroing the depletion of its production chain until 2025 after international pressure.

The report is being used by environmentalists to pressure the British Parliament to hold the finance ministry accountable for the new environmental law to be passed this year.

“I am shocked to learn that MPs’ own pensions not only contribute to legal and illegal deforestation, but also to companies that have been repeatedly linked to poor working conditions on Brazilian farms.”, Labor MP Kerry McCarthy said.

In a statement, he said JPS presents the report of the voluntary charity “Serious failures” That’s it “It does not tolerate deforestation in its supply chain and applies to all its suppliers in accordance with the Raw Materials Purchase Policy.”.

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