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Russia says the US is responsible for the Crimea attack

Russia says the US is responsible for the Crimea attack

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin| Photo: Reuters via Sputnik/Gavriil Grigorov/Pool

The Russian Defense Ministry said the United States was responsible for Sunday’s (23) missile attack on Sevastopol in the annexed region of Crimea that killed five civilians, including three minors. According to Moscow, Washington supplied Ukraine with ATACMS missiles launched by the Kiev military.

“Responsibility for this deliberate missile attack against the civilian population of Sevastopol lies, first of all, with Washington, which supplied Ukraine with these weapons, and with the Kiev regime, from whose territory the attack was launched,” the ministry said. Russian security on Telegram.

“All flight missions of US ATACMS operational-tactical missiles are designed by US experts based on own data from US spy satellites,” he added. “These actions will not go unanswered,” the Russian military command concluded.

Ukrainian forces fired five missiles at Sevastopol, the main base of the Russian Black Sea fleet, on Sunday, four of which were shot down by Russian anti-aircraft defenses, but one of which veered off course and exploded on the coast of the peninsula. Five civilians were killed and 119 injured.

The missile exploded on the beach where many people were enjoying the summer heat and relaxing over the weekend.

Joe Biden’s administration in late May gave Ukraine permission to use US-supplied weapons to attack targets on the Russian border, but only if they were military positions in the Russian border zone near the Kharkiv region.

However, this authorization, a US official confirmed to EFE, does not extend to long-range missiles like the ATACMS used in Sevastopol.

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