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Far from depressed, Nego do Borel enjoys clubbing until dawn in Rio.  Watch the video

Far from depressed, Nego do Borel enjoys clubbing until dawn in Rio. Watch the video

Nego do Borel Back to socialization After turbulent weeks Because A Fazenda 13 was kicked out. A Leo Dias’ column I received videos of the singer leaving the Esbórnia concert with A It looks completely different from the show for the past few weeks.

According to the people who were there, the singer was happy and excited in the company of a group of friends. The poem, which combined the cream of the Rio community, with invitations that cost about 1,300 R$, lasted until daylight. Nego left around 9:00.

Funquero and his family claim that he is going through a difficult period due to the attacks he is being exposed to on the Internet and the crisis it has caused in his professional and personal life.

On Monday (4/10), the singer alarmed his family when he disappeared for nearly 24 hours and was found by police, on Tuesday morning (5/10), in a hotel in Villa Isabel, north of Rio. in january.


Nego also said that he would be very depressed and psychologically shaken by the recent events: “I’m trying to come to terms with what happened and what happened. And I weighed things outside, disturbed me indoors. I’m away, I’m with my family, but I’m so sad, I don’t know what to do anymore, speaking, my words.” It doesn’t matter, people don’t listen … I don’t understand. I’ll take my life in the end, I’m not deceiving. I say this from the heart ”, he breathed on social networks.

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