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MC Gui frees Valentina from veto farm test

MC Gui frees Valentina from veto farm test

MC Gui, a pawn for “farm 13″ (RecordTV), received the power of the red torch from Dynho Alves, Winner of the last trial with fireAnd In the formation of the ninth farm.

Chosen by the audienceWith him, funkeiro chose a farmer who could not be prevented from the farmer’s competition. Valentina Francavilla, Who went to the farm after Dynho used the power of the yellow flame, selected by MC.

Solange Gomez, fourth to form stool, objected to Ellen Mineiro from the leadership dispute reality villager.

Yellow flame power

Dynho Alves must exchange the farmer, except for the farmer indicated by the farmer, for a pawn from the headquarters. Dynho chose to keep Dayane out of the spotlight and justified it:

Oh, I don’t think I have one because we’ve been so well for the past few days, she’s been talking to me a few times. I wanted to save her because I think she has changed a lot with me and has changed on the good side. Dinho Alves

After that, the pedestrians tried to put Marina Ferrari on the field, but since the worker was in the booth, he could not do it. Then she chose the dancer Valentina. “I’m sorry,” he asked.

Farm 13: The infantrymen who actually won the fire test and took the flashlight

Who should clear the fields and become the farmer of the week?


Antonio Shahestian / Record TV


Antonio Shahestian / Record TV


Antonio Shahestian / Record TV

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