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Contest announces the "funniest animal pictures" of 2021;  paying off

Contest announces the “funniest animal pictures” of 2021; paying off

O The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards, criado no United kingdom, annually elects pictures the animals Funniest Wild Animals of the Year and this Tuesday (16) announced the 2021 winners.

The biggest winner was a picture called “Ouch,” which shows a monkey screaming over a wire, giving the impression that it is in pain after it has fallen on it. It has exceeded 7,000 entries and was captured in 2016 by amateur photographer Ken Jensen in Yunnan Province, in China.

According to him, the monkeys roam freely through a forested area near the Zun River and are not usually shy about the presence of humans. The photographed monkey showed signs of aggression as he sat on the wire, giving the hook for Jensen’s record.

The photographer told the award’s organizers: “It’s a great feeling to know that the photo makes people smile all over the world and helps with important causes for the conservation of animals.” With the win, he was awarded a safari in Kenya and a handmade trophy in Tanzania.

Created in 2015, the award aims to show the lighter side of wildlife photography and promote animal conservation through humor. This year, the competition supports the Orangutan Conservation Project.

In addition to Jensen’s photo, winners were chosen in the popular vote, flying animal, aquatic animal, wild animal, and best purse categories. 23 contestants in the competition It was announced in September.

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