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MBDA will upgrade the Sea Viper missile system on British Type 45 destroyers – air and sea defence

MBDA will upgrade the Sea Viper missile system on British Type 45 destroyers – air and sea defence

In line with the improvement program that will be presented Type 45 destroyer Of the Royal Navy, MBDA has finally confirmed the award of a contract to modernize anti-aircraft missile systems Sea snake Which equips ships of the class. The information released covers the efforts made to maintain the modernization of the units’ defense systems to deal with ballistic missiles of various types.

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With over a decade of service, the Type 45 destroyer of the Royal Navy are among the best armed and capable ships in their class. However, this does not mean that they do not need improvement. As official announcements show, there are several initiatives underway to keep them updated and prepared to address current and future threats.

One such plan, announced by the British Ministry of Defense almost two years ago, involves upgrading the destroyers' Sea Viper missile systems, along with associated systems. This program is called “Evolution of the Sea Snake”was commissioned to MBDA through two simultaneous contracts worth £400 million.

The first includes modernizing the Sea Viper missile system, by modernizing the missiles it uses to confront air threats, with a focus on increasing and improving the interception capability of ballistic missiles. this way, Aster 30 It will be upgraded to the Block I version, which also includes similar upgrade work on the multi-function radar Issa Sampson And in its management systems. In contrast, the other contract extends to support and maintenance services for the Sea Viper missile systems for the next five years.


Furthermore, although MBDA did not highlight this in its official announcement on 21 January, other plans promoted by the Ministry of Defense and the Royal Navy aim to increase the capacity of the destroyers' vertical launch systems (VLS), which will exceed 48 missiles. . To 72 in total, accommodating different missile configurations, such as those previously mentioned Aster 15 that it 30along with Sales maximum control methods (CAMMs). Which is part of Sea Future System.

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Finally, although no further details were provided, MBDA stated that the second phase of the program Evolution of the sea snake It is based on future survivability assessment so that the Type 45 could include a more advanced version of the missile Aster. More precisely, the person identified by name Aster 30 Block 1NT. It also includes new upgrades and improvements to the radars and associated systems for ships of this class.

Translation and adaptation: Dan

Source: Military District