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Matheus Nascimento's injury opens a hole in Botafogo's lineup.  See options |  com.botafogo

Matheus Nascimento's injury opens a hole in Botafogo's lineup. See options | com.botafogo

Hey Botafogo There is uncertainty over the replacement of centre-forward Tequinho Soares. This is because his only immediate backup, youngster Matheus Nascimento, suffered a serious muscle injury and will be out for four months.

Geba Perez points out that there were mistakes in assembling the Botafogo team

Matthäus was the third option in the sector until last week, when the club swapped Jandersson for Vitoria. The sale, which was added to the new drop, leaves the team without a replacement for the number 9.

The national and international transfer period is closed until the beginning of July. Therefore, the current squad is what will be available to Glorioso until the end of the Libertadores group stage and the first round of the Brazilian League. Then will arrive Igor Jesus, who signed a pre-contract at the beginning of the year.

If you needed to take Tequinho out of a game, save money or be out of the starting lineup for some reason, what would be Artur Jorge's option? Hey ge I collected some internal Portuguese alternatives:

Junior was used as an attacking reference situationally when the team had an advantage or when Tequinho tired. Although he also plays that way, that's not what he does best.

Junior Santos celebrates Botafogo's goal against Bragantino – Photograph: Miguel Cincariol/AFP

The striker's greatest performances this season have been playing more open as a winger on the right flank. He is the team's top scorer this year with 13 goals.

In Artur Jorge's 4-2-4, a reference attacking player with playmaker characteristics can improve both the second striker and the wingers who play as midfielders.

Eduardo celebrates his goal in the match between Botafogo and Vasco — Photo: Andre Durau / ge

Botafogo has been investing in its youth departments since John Textor took over SAF. The American's project includes developing young players at the club. This season, the promises were combined with the professionals during the Carioca.

Lucas Vargas celebrates Botafogo's goal – Photo: Henrique Lima/Botafogo

Thanks to that, some of the Jewels got opportunities in the team, such as Yarlin and Kawi, for example. Two of Glorioso's most promising highlights in the tournament.

Along these lines, striker Lucas Vargas is someone who could get opportunities in this time of need. He is the main player for the U-20 team and has been a match-winner in the Brazilian league for this category. Against Sao Paulo, in Cotia, he was responsible for a goal and an assist.

Watch Lucas Vargas' goal and assist against Sao Paulo U20

Jewel 2024 geThe central striker is still experiencing his first year as an Under-20 player. He is viewed as a huge promise internally and has impressive numbers in the categories he competes in at the base.

Kaiqui celebrates the penalty kick goal that gave Botafogo the lead – Photograph: Henrique Lima/Botafogo

There have been 27 goals in 32 games throughout 2023, and they are still at under-17 level. His performances have been inconsistent this season, which is normal for a player who has just come up, but he can be used professionally if necessary.

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