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Gabriel Medina is the hero in Naraben.  Tate Weston Webb takes second place |  The world of surfing

Gabriel Medina is the hero in Naraben. Tate Weston Webb takes second place | The world of surfing

Anyway, the title. After hitting the bar in the first two stages of the world ring, when he fell in the decision, Gabriel Medina clinched victories and won the Naraben Stage Cup in Australia. The Brazilian beat American Conner Coffin in the final and took the victory in the rowThat invaded Tuesday morning (Brasilia time). And Brazil, narrowly, did not have a weakness. Among the women, Tatiana Weston-Webb lost in the final to American Caroline Marks and assumed the position of deputy.

With this victory, Medina cemented the jump to leadership in the standings. The two-time world champion had already secured the top spot when it qualified to the quarter-finals. On Monday, pass Morgan Cibilic and Frederico Morais until resolution is reached. However, the biggest show was precisely in the final. With two airs, he ignored any chance of falling in front of the coffin.

– I feel very good, and thank God that waves appeared in the final – said Medina, who gifted the victory to Yasmine Brunet.

Gabriel Medina wins the Nraben Award – Picture: Getty Image

At his end, Tate got off to a good start, but was unable to respond after Caroline Marx got caught. But the second place is the best result the Brazilian has achieved this season. Before, he had ranked third in the pipeline and ninth in Newcastle before the title in Narrabeen. Now, the Brazilian will be trying to stay fit in Margaret River, starting May 2, in the third of four stages of the Australian home run.

Gabriel Medina antennas lined up at the title – Photo: Matt Dunbar / World Surf League via Getty Images

All day long, the city was in no hurry. In the decision, Coffin tried to squeeze the Brazilian early in the heat with the first intermediate heat note, 5.33. But the Brazilian cared a little. On his first good wave, he shone with an antenna and took out 9.27 judges. But the two-time world champion wanted more. Shortly thereafter, he went further with another air ball and totaled 9.50, the highest score in the tournament. The Americans had no way to respond. The city added another 8.67. I didn’t even need to: The Brazilian party was already guaranteed. In the end, it won 18.77 to 14.10.

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In the decision against Caroline Marx, Tate began to be aggressive. Immediately, two waves added to the lead, with 6.67 and 4.67. 20 minutes after the heat ended, the American tried to respond. He managed a good series of four maneuvers and conceded 7.27 umpires, putting pressure on the Brazilian in the lead. In the sequence, Caroline added another 4.93 and turned the spat, with 11.34 in total. Tati searched for the wave of recovery, but seemed to feel the weight of anxiety. The Brazilian still tried, but failed to reverse the score: 12.57 x 11.37 for the American.

The day started with the women in the water. Tatiana Weston Webb went to sea in the second heat of the morning. It even started after Australian Sally Fitzgibbons. However, it didn’t take long for the Brazilian to lead with two good waves in a row. The opponent tried some maneuvers in the final stage, but failed to get enough to beat TATI: 11.90 vs. 10.40. Alongside her are Carissa Moore, Caroline Marks and Courtney Konlog.

Gabriel Medina went to the water in the second heat of the quarter-finals and quickly found his first waves. He got 5.83 and jumped forward. Cibilic, for his part, wait. And it was worth it. In one of the best stage waves, the Australian got a nice tube, added a few more maneuvers and pulled out 8.67 umpires.

Time passed – and the waves did not come. But in high school, Medina managed to pull out three good maneuvers, enough to regain the lead. Cibilic responded in the same way, and was able to take the lead with a 4.00 note. Only a city was still in the race. With good air, he landed the role less than three minutes after the end, with 6.27. The Brazilian, however, was not satisfied. In its last wave, he withdrew 9.30 of the judges and was rated: 15.97 versus 12.67. In addition, he repeated the result of the quarter-finals in Newcastle, when he also beat Cibilic.

In the final round of the quarter-finals, Yago Dora failed to defeat American Griffin Colapinto. The Brazilian even took the lead, but saw his opponent get an 8.5 and jump to the front of the series. Dora experimented with reactive withdrawal of 7.0 umpires. But the waves vanished, the Brazilian was unable to pursue the difference, and fell in the quarter-finals.

Medina qualified and come to the final

Gabriel Medina receives the affection of Jasmine Brunet – Photo: Getty Images

Shortly thereafter, Frederico Moraes among the men tried to put pressure on Medina at the onset of the heat. With vertical maneuvers, he added 9.67 in his first two waves. The Brazilian added similar notes, by a slight difference – 9.64 in total. During most of the conflict, Medina sought a wave that would take him to the fore. He tried so hard that he succeeded: he had 5.70 results and got a score of 10.87 ten minutes into the end.

In the final stage, Medina increased the lead and tried some of the more complex maneuvers. Frederico Moraes took priority for most of the time, but found no wave that would take him to the top. In the end, 12.50 versus 11.70 is vacant in the decision.

1. Gabriel Medina (Brazil) 18.77.2007 x Conner Coffin (EUA) 14,10

1. Caroline Marks (United States) 12.57 Tatiana Weston Webb (Brazil) 11.37

1. Carissa Moore (HAV) 10,80 x Tatiana Weston Webb (Brazil) 13.90
2. Caroline Marks (United States) 13.60 x Courtney Konlog (EUA) 13,57

1. Frederico Moraes (POR) 11.70 x Gabriel Medina (Brazil) 12.50,000
2. Conner Coffin (EUA) 13,83 x Griffin Collapinto (USA) 11.03

Quarter-finals – men

1. Frederico Moraes (Burr) 13.84 Ethan Ewing (Australia) 11.33.0000
2. Gabriel Medina (Brazil) 15.97.00 x Morgan Cibilitch (Australia) 12.67.2020
3. Conner Coffin (EUA) 11.06 x Kanoa Igarashi (Japan) 0,80
4. Iago Dora (Brazil) 12.00 x Griffin Collapinto (United States) 12.50

Quarter-finals – Women

1. Carissa Moore (HAV) 12,94 x Kelly Andrew (Australia) 10,16
2. Sally Fitzgibbons (Australia) 10,40 x Tatiana Weston Webb (Brazil) 11.90
3. Caroline Marks (US) 12.50 Johan Devay (France) 10.46
4. Stephanie Gilmore (Australia) 9.17 x Courtney Konlog (USA) 12.16