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Marcel talks about Brazilian arbitration and complains about Edina’s behavior in Flamengo x Botafogo: “He was insulting Tequinho”

Marcel talks about Brazilian arbitration and complains about Edina’s behavior in Flamengo x Botafogo: “He was insulting Tequinho”

captain Botafogoleft back Marsal Highlight the negative aspects control in Edina Elvis Batista In classic vs Flamingo Sunday in the Maracanã. The referee failed to dismiss Thiago Maya for a kick in de Placido, even after reviewing the movement in the video assistant referee, but it was her behavior on the field that most caught the attention of the Alfingro player, citing the case of the coach’s dismissal. Luis Castro.

What you did with Castro was unnecessary, because what you did with Castro she was doing on the field. I was trying to talk, Tiquinho asked for a foul, the ball was on the other side and she was cursing Tiquinho. I said, “Edna, don’t talk to my players like that.” Then she said, “Uh, but it’s annoying.” I replied: “The ball was already on the other side, pretend you didn’t hear it, go on with the game, you can’t argue with 22 players inside, if you stop all the time to argue with a player…”. Everyone complains on the field, makes the mistake and moves on. I like Daronco so much, he just gives a little smile and we already know we’re talking shit. They have a whistle, they are in charge, Marsal said on the TNT Sports program “De Placa”:

– When Luis Castro was sent off, he asked for a yellow card, and was almost in the other coach’s technical area. And I liked the position of the coach, because there are moments that have to catch the attention of the referee, it can’t be me. In the match against Flamengo in Carioca, I tried to do it and we got hurt, and the refereeing was against our team. Who decides (the moment of switching) is he. Outside, the fourth official takes a lot on his chest and decides. Here you see an assistant, a coach talking to the fourth official, normal stuff, then he goes and calls the referee to give the yellow card, completely unnecessary. For Castro, she showed yellowness, had no patience and was fired. Arbitration should be drier. The fourth official must be killed in the chest, and we know that there are more boring clubs, which take managers to the bench.

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Marsal said he began to suspect Edina’s intentions after Thiago Maia was not sent off.

– Before the match we always receive a report who will be the referee, and what characteristics and precautions we must take. Yesterday, it was no different, Castro touched on this topic, she has such style, we focused very much on playing, not paying attention to refereeing. Yesterday she did a pretty good job despite a few things. Thiago Maia’s most glaring display was, bids were shown on screen and it was clear to everyone on the field that the red card should have been applied. I hope Thiago Maya doesn’t get hurt, because he was so strong he could have hurt himself. If he didn’t have a shin guard, the situation could be even worse for Leo (de Placido). From the moment she didn’t, she’s been looking into it for a long time, we’re starting to wonder what the arbitration intention is now. Then the goal kick is taken when it is a corner kick. Tequinho misses when he’s protecting, only for Flamengo to break out of that uncomfortable area up front and attack again. I always tried to be very polite, she was always very polite with me, it wasn’t the same with my players, but her style, she likes to talk to the captains more than to the other players, she just doesn’t. He listens. Overall, apart from Thiago Maia, the refereeing was good – he said.