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Felipe Melo defends Diniz and Marcelo and responds to criticism in Fluminense

Felipe Melo defends Diniz and Marcelo and responds to criticism in Fluminense

ESPN.com.brJune 23, 2023, 9:42 p.mReading: two minutes.

Friday (23rd) was busy backstage at Fluminense. after the newspaper super sports and channel The root of the tricolor Reported that Marcelo would be “isolated” from the rest of the squad, Felipe Melo used his social networks to come out to defend the group environment and left-back.

“Talking about these awful things that have been said about Fluminense, the players, the environment of the athletes, Fluminense, regarding the sectors of the club, the physiological field, our coach, Marcelo, our medical area. It’s all intrigue from the opponent that’s the pure truth. We live in a great environment,” He said.

“We are aware of the responsibility, but we dream of conquering, conquering and conquering. So, we need you fans, instead of giving the media to people who want to end and spoil our environment, we know we have the power to reach our goals.”

“These people try to destroy our dreams, stir up quarrels and problems that don’t exist. Fluminense’s environment is great and it’s even richer since the arrival of a man like Marcelo, (a) dear, multi-hero, who helped us a lot in conquering Carioca.”

In addition, the number 30 also came in defense of Fernando Diniz, the club’s coach who has been criticized for recent poor results.

“My thanks to Deniz, who changed the level of Fluminense, helps every day get out of the circle of comfort, making training with a dream and a goal of conquering. Forget what they say, it is an intrigue of the opponent. Greetings with triple colours,” he finished.

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Felipe Melo celebrates scoring for Fluminense at the MaracanaMelson Santana / Fluminense